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Whether you like to go retro or luxurious with your fashion choices, a halter bikini top may be the right choice for your next bikini. The wider cut of the top is a perfect canvas for embellishments and accents. If you like a funky retro style, a crochet bikini with wood rings on the straps nicely sets the right tone, but change that to deep purple fabric with crystal encrusted o-rings and the look takes on a definite luxurious feeling. Small changes make a big impact on style, which makes this a great top to step out of your normal comfort zone in and try something new. If you are the type who usually buys a neutral color, push yourself to try something flashier such as polka dots or stripes; or if your style is usually bold and over the top, try a more demure style with white or another neutral color.

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A halter bikini top is great for all body types, and they are especially good for women who have a larger bust. The wide set straps are tied around the neck giving the top stability while leaving the shoulders and back uncovered for an irresistible look. Some halter tops have a supporting band underneath the bust for added support while others rely on well designed cups and wide straps to provide the same.

Halter bikini tops are versatile enough to be worn with any bikini bottom. Each bottom will create a different style when paired up with a halter top, so know what you are going for ahead of time. Boyshorts and full cut bikini bottoms look more sporty while a bikini skirt will have a more feminine and soft style. Consider which cut best accentuates your curves to go along with your flattering halter bikini top, and you will be looking your best in your new bikini before you know it.

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